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Questions and Answers (FAQ’s)
What are the copyright rules for this site?
All content, including: pictures, e-cards, music, and text is strictly copyrighted and may not be sold or distributed without written consent of the site administrator. If you desire to redistribute content from this site and you have been given permission, you may not alter the content in any way unless given written permission by the administrator.
Copyright holders: © Copyright 2009 Godly Christian Ministries

What is a sponsored member?
Sponsored members are those who use the site and are financially supporting this service. Many people use the site freely and this is not discouraged in any way. Nevertheless, if it is on someone’s heart to help, the site offers special premium features to these individuals. Under certain conditions premium features may be made available to those who aren’t able to financially support the site.

How do I protect against email fraud from this site?
If the sender does not use both a first and last name you recognize it might not be wise to click the link. If you do receive a card that reports to be from this site and proves to be from somewhere else, please report this with a copy of the email immediately on the support contact page.

Where do the cards come from?
The ideas for the ecards come from a variety of people and resources. If you have an idea for a card, you can submit it into the site’s idea pool. Each card is crafted by those in direct association with the site. If you have access to cards that you believe should appear on this site, you can submit your idea through support contact page.

© Copyright 2009 Godly Christian Ministries

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